Tensor Network based approaches to Quantum Many-Body Systems

The aim of the school is to teach young PhD students the basics of tensor-product states as well as the most recent technical developments. This is particularly important given the increasing number of groups working on this quickly evolving topic. The lectures will be given by researchers who work actively both on the development and the application of tensor-product state based methods.

Dates: 11-15 September 2023
Venue: AbingdonUK
Applications: open in mid-April 2023 via https://iqtn.phys.strath.ac.uk/workshops/etn-summer-school/

Andrew Green, UCL
Frank Pollmann, TUM
Norbert Schuch, University of Vienna
Frank Verstraete, Cambridge

This year, the International Quantum Tensor Network will provide financial support to the School as a workshop, since it provides an opportunity to strengthen international collaboration among the next generation of researchers in tensor networks. The School also provides the opportunity for its organisers and lecturers to collaborate on scientific matters. 

A £150 registration fee will be charged to successful applicants, but local accommodation (for a stay of 5 nights) which will be provided to no cost – some rooms on a single and some on a shared room basisYou will also receive lunches and refreshments during the day at no cost. Further details will be communicated to the successful applicants at a later date.

Topics include

  • Many-body entanglement
  • Matrix-product states
  • Projected entangled pair states
  • Multi-scale entanglement renormalization ansatz
  • Time-dependent variational principle
  • Tensor network renormalization
  • Bulk boundary correspondence
  • Tensor networks for finite temperatures and dynamics


  • Natalia Chepiga, TU Delft [lecture notes]
  • Adam Smith, Nottingham [lecture notes]
  • Dieter Jaksch, University of Hamburg
  • Juraj Hasik, UVA [lecture notes]
  • Curt von Keyserlingk, King’s College London
  • Barbara Kraus, TUM
  • David Pérez-García, UCM / ICMAT
  • Bob Coecke, Oxford University